The rapid expansion and growth of NLI to its present level has made a tremendous impact in the history of Japan's packaging industry. NLI has emerged as a leader in the manufacture of various types of bag making machinery and fully automatic bagging machinery. NLI has been in the past, and now still is a major contributor in the field of packaging industries in Japan.

The developments include bag making machines and automatic bagging machines for a wide variety of products including Food, Feed, Fertilizers, chemicals, cement & cementious products to name a few, in the ever expanding market over the last 50 years. NLI was started in 1941 in Tokyo, Japan.

Since its inception in 1941, the company started its business as a manufacturer of bag sewing machines and further expanded its product range to include heavy duty bag making machines. By the year 1960, NLI emerged as a pioneer in the industry of automatic bag making and packaging machinery and captured the market for paper bag and polyethylene bag products in Japan. Currently, NLI has more than 85% of the shares in these fields in the Japanese market besides exporting its products to more than 100 countries in the overseas market.

Our highly advanced technology and superior skills for manufacturing precise machinery is acknowledged by our satisfied customers all over the world. Our aim is to continuously improve our quality control and technology for producing cost efficient and reliable products. NLI has adopted ISO 9001 to be certified its quality control technology, Direct Communication with customers is our business philosophy! Entering into the new era of the 21st century, we at NLI, promise our customers that our aim will be to give the highest priority to the satisfaction of our clients, worldwide.

Our mission is to respond as quickly as possible and provide the best cost effective solutions employing our highly advanced technology to meet the client's customized requirements. We recognize that the most important aspect in achieving our mission is to communicate with our clients directly and to establish long-term business relationships towards a brighter future for all.

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